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Team Leadership

Team: Welcome

Nicholas "Roughcut" Frandsen



Bio: Attorney, farm boy, wanderer. 

Position: C, 3B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

John "Chico" Finn


Senior Advisor

Bio: Business owner, musician, Mets fanatic. 

Position: 2B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Gary "Burns-eye, Sr." Burns


Senior Advisor

Bio: Master jack, farmer, sportsman, Packers owner.

Position: P, 1B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Team: About

"You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end, it turns out it was the other way around the whole time."

-Jim Bouton

Pictured: the Delaware Academy Bulldogs, circa 1903. 100 years later, nearly every Dairyman would attend and play for this same high school. Photo courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association. 


Team: Welcome

Alex "AT" Taylor


Bio: Student, artist, best hair on the team. 

Position: CF, P

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Luke "Burns-eye" Burns


Bio: Pilot, soldier, biker, coach. 

Position: SS, P

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Ben "el Gamero" Denison


Bio: Construction, good times, expensive sunglasses. 

Position: LF

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Brenden "Rulebook" Cairns


Bio: LEO, sheepish grins, toughest guy on the field. 

Position: C

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Team: News & Updates

Alan "Rock-N-Roll" Scarpa


Bio: ¡Lleno de sorpresas, él propio Sr. Rock N Roll!

Position: P2B, 3B

Hometown: Ocean Township, NJ  

Dylan "Hobbes" Tucker


Bio: Tinkerer, technician, backcountry hunter. 

Position: P, SS

Hometown: Andes, NY  

Troy "Honey" Tucker


Bio: Halloween costume aficionado, beekeeper, cider maker. 

Position: CF, P

Hometown: Andes, NY  

"Iron" Mike Brown


Bio: Coach, teacher, hiker, goofball. 

Position: Util

Hometown: Stamford, NY  

Tyler "Cock-a-doodle" Dugan


Bio: Consultant, valedictorian, experimenter, daydreamer. 

Position: Util

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Ben "Diesel" Cairns


Bio: Baseball, baseball, baseball. 

Position: 1B

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Jake "Swan" Sackett


Bio: Provincial polymath: law, beer, music, construction. 

Position: 2B, 3B

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Joey "the Kid" Yambor


Bio: Line-man with a fine-can. 

Position: P, CF

Hometown: Walton, NY  

"Agent 007"


Bio: Rugby player and Jiu Jitsu student. Faster than a fast ball.

Position: SS, OF

Hometown: Albany, NY  

Justin "Juice" Betterley


Bio: Star Wars expert, outfield acrobat, cat dad. 

Position: RF

Hometown: Oneonta, NY  

"Jack-rabbit" Stanton


Bio: Farm boy, fireman, scientist, man of few words. 

Position: C, 3B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Tom "Thumb" Carey


Bio: Fastballs speak louder than words.

Position: P, 3B

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, VA

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