Team Leadership


Nicholas "Roughcut" Frandsen



Bio: Attorney, farm boy, wanderer. 

Position: P, 3B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

John "Chico" Finn


Senior Advisor

Bio: Business owner, musician, Mets fanatic. 

Position: 2B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Gary "Burns-eye, Sr." Burns


Senior Advisor

Bio: Master jack, farmer, sportsman, Packers owner.

Position: P, 1B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  


"You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end, it turns out it was the other way around the whole time."

-Jim Bouton

Pictured: the Delaware Academy Bulldogs, circa 1903. 100 years later, nearly every Dairyman would attend and play for this same high school. Photo courtesy of the Delaware County Historical Association. 



Alex "AT" Taylor


Bio: Student, artist, best hair on the team. 

Position: CF, P

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Luke "Burns-eye" Burns


Bio: Pilot, soldier, biker, coach. 

Position: SS, P

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Ben "el Gamero" Denison


Bio: Construction, good times, expensive sunglasses. 

Position: LF

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Brenden "Rulebook" Cairns


Bio: LEO, sheepish grins, toughest guy on the field. 

Position: C

Hometown: Delhi, NY  


Ben "Diesel" Cairns


Bio: Baseball, baseball, baseball. 

Position: 1B

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Dylan "Hobbes" Tucker


Bio: Tinkerer, technician, backcountry hunter. 

Position: P, SS

Hometown: Andes, NY  

Troy "Honey" Tucker


Bio: Halloween costume aficionado, beekeeper, cider maker. 

Position: CF, P

Hometown: Andes, NY  

Jake "Swan" Sackett


Bio: Provincial polymath: law, beer, music, construction. 

Position: 2B, 3B

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

Dan "Hands Man" Kehrer


Bio: Car salesman... in a good way. 

Position: SS, OF

Hometown: Albany, NY  

Justin "Juice" Betterley


Bio: Star Wars expert, outfield acrobat, cat dad. 

Position: RF

Hometown: Oneonta, NY  

"Jack-rabbit" Stanton


Bio: Farm boy, fireman, scientist, man of few words. 

Position: C, 3B

Hometown: Bovina, NY  

Toddy "Wheels" Possemato


Bio: Heavy machine operator, sledhead, here for the party. 

Position: 1B

Hometown: East Branch, NY  

Tyler "Cock-a-doodle" Dugan


Bio: Consultant, valedictorian, experimenter, daydreamer. 

Position: Util

Hometown: Delhi, NY  

"Iron" Mike Brown


Bio: Coach, teacher, hiker, goofball. 

Position: Util

Hometown: Stamford, NY  

Alan "Rock-N-Roll" Scarpa


Bio: ¡Lleno de sorpresas, él propio Sr. Rock N Roll!

Position: P2B, 3B

Hometown: Ocean Township, NJ  

Joey "the Kid" Yambor


Bio: Line-man with a fine-can. 

Position: P, CF

Hometown: Walton, NY